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Blauer Stoff

Textile care labelling

Waschen Bleichen Trocknen Bügeln Professionelle Textilpflege

Care labels provide information on the maximum permitted treatment and proper care of textiles. They are therefore intended for consumers as well as companies (laundries, drycleaners) which are responsible for the care of textiles.
The details are a matter for the manufacturers and must be truthful.
However, care labelling is not a guarantee of quality.

Care performed on the basis of the information given on the label provides a guarantee that the textile product will not be damaged. However, it does not guarantee that all kinds of dirt and stains will in fact be removed.

Milder types of treatment and temperatures lower than those indicated on the label are always permitted.

For reasons of clarity, the full series of symbols must be included on the labels without any exceptions. The following sequence has been applicable since 2006:

Washing – Bleaching – Tumble drying – Ironing – Professional textile care

Tabe of textile care symbols in blue                Table of textile care symbols in white

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