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Identification of origin (Made in...)

In 2006, acting on an Italian proposal, the European Parliament adopted a law on the harmonisation of geographical rules of origin (Made in the EU).
Entry into force was initially postponed because of resistance by many member countries.

The identification of origin, together with other forms of labelling, are not prescribed by law in Switzerland.

In the EU, the applicable rules do not make provision for “Made in” labelling in cases where EU goods are imported from another EU Member States. On the other hand, the origin must be unambiguously given if the goods are imported from a third country which does not belong to the EU.

For the Swiss textile and garment industry which has exceptionally strong ties with the European market, compulsory “Made in” labelling obligations for third countries might create a massive competitive disadvantage in relation to competitors within the EU and make long-standing relations with customers more difficult.

The resistance of many EU countries to this hurdle, which is felt to be essentially protectionist in nature, stems primarily from the fact that in a globalised world based on the division of labour, the information as to the place where a particular garment was sewn together is only of interest to consumers in exceptional cases.