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Efforts have been under way in Europe since 1986 to establish a uniform system of garment sizes.

In the context of European standardisation (CEN/TC 248/WG 10), a system based on a five digit alphanumeric code and on a pictogram with a transparent indication of the relevant body dimensions is under discussion. The size is expressed by stating the primary indentifying measurement; this is generally the chest or breast size in cm. If necessary, in the case of a particular garment, further indications are provided by added letters (preceded by the body height or with the figure type added).

Final work on the four-part EN 13402 standard has been temporarily postponed until early 2009. This decision was taken to await the outcomes of the current series of measurements which are being made in particular by SizeGERMANY and so enable, if appropriate, resulting new information to be included in the standard.