GINETEX Switzerland
The National Association For Textile Care Labelling

The symbols are protected by trademarks. Their use is dependent on a contract with GINETEX Switzerland!



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Legal bases

GINETEX, the International Association for Textile Care Labelling, set up a care labelling system based on symbols in the 1960s.

To ensure correct application of this care labelling system, the care symbols are protected trademarks (international trademark registration with WIPO and other bodies under numbers 211 246/247, collective mark No. 461.479 and 492.423 together with 849 319).

This trademark protection is accepted by the signatory states of the Madrid Convention.


At national level, the series of symbols is registered in the old and new sequence with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. The washing symbol and ironing symbol are also registered in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein (Swiss trademark protection Nos. 415.150 and 515.334, 515.333 and 515.332 - incomplete list).

The symbols are registered for the following goods and/or service classes:

  • 23 (yarns and threads for textile purposes)
  • 24 (textile goods, in particular fabrics, curtains, hangings, blinds, household linen, table and bed linen)
  • 25 (garments, footwear, head coverings)
  • 26 (lace and embroidery, ribbons made of textile materials)
  • 27 (carpets and floor coverings made of textile materials)
  • 40 (textile care treatment)