GINETEX Switzerland
The National Association For Textile Care Labelling

The symbols are protected by trademarks. Their use is dependent on a contract with GINETEX Switzerland!

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GINETEX Switzerland

GINETEX Switzerland is the Swiss Association for Textile Labelling with responsibility for textile care and fibre content labelling.

It informs consumers on the one hand and manufacturers, producers and sales personnel on the other of the appropriate care of textiles and on the textile materials which are used.

The main objective of GINETEX Switzerland is to call the attention of companies in the textile and garments chain to the importance of an understandable and correct fibre content and textile care labelling. Clear labelling creates added value from which both the customer and the company benefit.

No legal provision is made for textile labelling in Switzerland. However, to guarantee and enforce correct application of the textile care labelling system, the care symbols in particular are protected by trademark law at both national and international level. Their use therefore requires in every case a licence agreement with GINETEX Switzerland.

GINETEX, the International Association for Textile Care and Labelling (Groupement International d'Etiquetage pour l'Entretien des Textiles), is the owner of the international trademark. At national level, the particular country organisations are responsible for registration, this being GINETEX Switzerland in the case of Switzerland.

At both national and international level, GINETEX Switzerland cooperates with the bodies interested in labelling and aims to achieve global harmonisation of textile labelling. The intention is to assure the uniform global provision of information for customers about textile care and to make such information easier to use for producers.